Kerala Banana/Plantain Chips (Ethakka/ Nenthrakka/ Kaya Upperi)

Kerala Banana/Plantain Chips (Ethakka/ Nenthrakka/ Kaya Upperi) is popular snack in Kerala (South India). It is very tasty and crunchy snack for malayalee/keralite. They normally used matured but raw organic kerala banana (Plantain) for this recipe. When you visit kerala, you can see in front of any bakery or snack shop, thinly sliced raw banana/plantain being fried lively in a big iron pan full of hot aromatic coconut oil. It is an indispensible snack for malayalee/ keralites. This authentic recipe or crunchy snack is an essential part of Sadya (Kerala Vegetarian feast), Onam and Vishu celebrations. Kerala Banana has plenty of nutritional benefits so its a healthy snack for all especially for kids. Try and Enjoy this munching snack with my easy recipe and it’s step by step pictures.

Recipe Type:
Snack / kerala/ South India
Cooking and Preparation Time :
15 to 20 minutes
Serve to :
2 to3

Ingredients For Kerala Banana Chips

  • Raw kerala Banana (Pacha Ethakkaya)
  • ½ kg
  • water
  • 2 to 3 teaspoon
  • Salt
  • 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon
  • Coconut/ any veg Oil
  • For deep frying

How to make Homemade Kerala Banana/Plantain Chips (Ethakka/ Nenthrakka/ Kaya Upperi) with Step by Step Method Pictures.

1. Choose raw but matured kerala banana/plantain.
2. Remove top and bottom of banana. Make a slit on the banana, peel skin completely.

3. In a bowl, place water, turmeric powder and salt. Mix together.
4. Heat oil in a big thick bottomed Pan.Oil is warm enough, slice banana thinly (with the help of slicer) direct into the oil carefully.  When it’s slightly cooked, sprinkle some turmeric water.

5. Mix gently.
6. Fry them until crispy and light.

7. Remove from the oil.
8. Drain in a tissue paper.

9. When dry, spread them on a flat surface over the kitchen tissue again. (It helps to remove any excess oil).
10. When cooled, Keep and store in an air-tight container. Use as per your need and enjoy!

Notes and Tips

1. Using coconut oil is enhancing to its taste and fragrant but it is optional.
2. You can fry almost 4 to 5 batches chips according to this recipe. Do not add too much banana slices in one batch, it will stick and break up.
3. If you are not confident with slicing banana direct to hot oil, you can try an another method also for this recipe. First slice and collect all banana in a mixer bowl, add salt and turmeric, sprinkle bit water and mix well. Spread and dry(individually,without touching each other) it on a dry cloth on a flat surface for 15 minutes. When its dry, heat the oil and fry them until crispy and light.Personally,the former process is okay for me, anyone really concern about hot oil and its splutter please try this method

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